• megan carn

    flattered to be her art crush! see the blog post HERE

  • everything bloom

    my studio is featured in their room to bloom series! go HERE to see

  • moomah the magazine

    honored to be their girl crush! go HERE to read the article!!

  • furbish studio

    8 prints available for a short time in the pop up shop!!! go here to see

  • hello lovely

    lovely post about my work and home HERE

  • art social

    art crush here!

  • uncommongoods blog

    honored to have my prints featured here!

  • apartment therapy

    kate's "home is where the art is" house tour here!!!!

  • kayce hughes

    a lovely post about afternoon reading's big sister here click on over to see her wonderful clothing collection...and, she's from TN!

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    artist in focus here!

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    best of the web here!

  • the art room plant

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    blog love in this art lesson post!

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    happy to be part of this color crush post :)

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    a little bit of a painting peaks through in this post!

  • BeColorful

    happy to be featured on BeColorful blog. check it out here!

  • Exhibition

    Continuing On and On...
    Saturday, May 19, 2012
    5pm - 9:30pm
    1456 North Dayton Street, #301

  • asondelaviste

    a lovely blog post here!

  • mother lovely

    i am delighted to be lovely lady no. 13 on mother lovely!

  • buy some damn art

    check out buysomedamnart.com to see (and purchase) 6 of my places.to.sit+pattern paintings! show is up until mid-march 2012

  • Design*Sponge

    i love the blog. i have the book. and now i'm freakin' featured on the blog. go HERE to see. i'm over the moon. really, over the moon.

  • Ivy Clad

    My paintings + Andy and Kate Spade's home in the same blog post! Go here to see :)

  • Hostelier

  • Design Mom Living with Kids series

    I was honored to be featured! Go HERE to check it out!!!

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    beautiful display of my work on this post

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  • A Glorious Diversion.

  • House of Fifty: ideas for inspired living

    i'm so honored to be featured in this online magazine all about finding inspiration in everyday life. that's what my art is all about!! check it out here. scoot on over to page 74 :)

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  • {a chic peek}

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  • Chicago Luxury Beds

    i pulled over, jumped out of the car, snapped a photo of Chicago Luxury Beds window display and the idea for my next painting was born. check it out here!